MILS News:
Macedonians in Bulgaria Create New Party

February 19, 2002

Macedonians in Bulgaria created a new political party named OMO Pirin, with Botjo Vangelov as president, reports "Vecher". The inaugural assembly in Goce Delcev city was attended by 550 delegates, including Crasimir Knev - Head of Bulgarian Helsinki Committee as guest of honor. According to Vangelov, OMO Pirin will be focused on economic prosperity of Pirin region, preservation of Macedonian national identity and cherishing Macedonian customs and traditions. Vangelov said he did not anticipate any problems surrounding the registration of the party as the court in Strasbourg grants Macedonians the right to associate. According to Krasimir Knev, Bulgaria has no reason to prevent Macedonians from organizing in associations now.

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