January 17, 2022


Unfortunately, with his statement that "Bulgaria does not have a Macedonian minority", Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov took his place in the totalitarian relay race, initiated by Todor Zhivkov, and carried on as a shameful contagion through Borisov and Karakachanov, down to Petkov. A shameful company - a shameful disease. And a shameful beginning to the mandate of a Prime Minister after so much hope was put in him. But what else can be expected, since he is in a coalition that includes so many spiritual ancestors of Todor Zhivkov?

How absurd is the feeling when you tell obvious lies that no one believes, other than the manipulated citizens of Bulgaria?!

The persecution and assimilation of the Macedonian minority was the first "revival process" launched by Todor Zhivkov, and the only one that has not been stopped or condemned. It is the last totalitarian policy in the European Union, and serves to the lasting Bulgarian shame on Europe. The denial of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria is a disgrace to the Bulgarian state and democracy.

Unfortunately, in Bulgaria, the lie is elevated to a matter of national dignity, lawlessness becomes custom, violation of human rights becomes second nature, and assimilation and discrimination are a way of life.

But it's not only Petkov, millions repeat the lie that there is no Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, but it still does not make it true, and it will not make Macedonians disappear. The words of our detractors have no power to change reality, that there is and there will be a Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. Because the voice of those who detract has no value and does not count. Only the voice of those who self-determine as Macedonians, as their fathers and grandfathers did, counts.

The sooner Bulgaria liberates itself from the lie that we do not exist, and of its other lies against Macedonia and the Macedonians, the better it will be for itself and for all of the Bulgarian and Balkan citizens.

We wish the Prime Minister a speedy recovery from this shame and this disease.

The only cure or vaccine for it, is the truth. There is no other.


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