In relation to the treaty for good neighbourly relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia, and general celebrations of historical events between the two countries

7 July, 2014

Прочетете тази страница на български

OMO Ilinden - PIRIN The good relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria are a priority for the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. Unfortunately though we state that in the case there is not a good neighbouring relationship, and also, here there are on the contrary attempts to be institutionalised even in an International treaty the policy of denial and discrimination of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia to be forced to accept the Bulgarian position that Macedonian nation does not exist. Disturbing and unimaginable for the democratic minded person, but also very symptomatic of the true intentions hidden under the mask " neighbourhood" are the circumstances that affected minorities are not only not consulted, not even had NOT been provided positive assurance of their rights in the proposed treaty, but on top of all that it is being insisted to prohibit the Republic of Macedonia from advocating for the rights of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. One who insists on destroying one of the major bridges between neighbouring countries does not want a true implemented neighbourhood. How could a treaty which seeks friendship, set one side to the other unequal terms, imposing limitations that the other country will not accept?

At the core of all misunderstandings between the two countries lies the Bulgarian policy of denial of the Macedonian nation in general and the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria in specific. The proposed treaty does not show any will to vanquish this serious problem. On the contrary, Bulgaria insists on turning the denial of the Macedonian nation into a hidden basis of the approval of the treaty for good neighbourhood. Republic of Bulgaria is no longer satisfied with denying the right of existing of the Macedonian nation and now even wishes Macedonia to be involved in this denial.

Although being outrageous it is most likely that Republic of Bulgaria would insist on Republic of Macedonia being taken away the right to defend the rights of the Macedonian minority. This is Republic of Bulgaria's goal and it has been such for many years through the international institutions. Its aim is simple - to obtain the right her alone, undisturbed by anybody, to decide the fate of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, namely to continue denying it and discriminating it. Fortunately human rights are a matter of such character that they are not an internal affair of any country!

It is unthinkable that the good neighbourhood relationship to be built on "the back" of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria despite the rights of the human!

It is outrageous the shameful declaration from 1999 to become a part of the treaty of good neighbourly relations! This demanding is also in contrast to the clear definitions of the Macedonian Constitution which imposes the governments care for the Macedonian minorities in neighbourhood. Signing such a treaty shall not only breach the Macedonian Constitution but inevitably will lead to having to make undesirable choice - either the Macedonian constitution to be changed, or the treaty to be suspended.

For us as well as for any other normal and free-willed human being it is clear that the treaty should be reciprocal, between equal righted and equal countries. Not only this, we also insist on the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian counterpart in Macedonia to become part of the treaty in way that their rights are guaranteed and the two countries accept mutual measures and policies for improving of their rights, for the speech of hatred to stop and others. In such way particularly could their relations be improved but not through the organisation of nobody unnecessary (except to a special species of ideologist sociopaths) mutual historical celebrations.

It is unfortunate to those individuals in Macedonia who blindly believe that if specific compromises are to be made, the Bulgarian state would be satisfied or Greece, and that the relations between those countries will normalize. For the predominant nationalism politics in these two countries good relations with Macedonians could not be a reality because according to Bulgaria and Greece Macedonians cannot exist and for them any further compromise on behalf of the Macedonians is only one more step in this direction, after which inevitably would follow a second, third... Pure proof is the reaction of Plevneliev who had just heard about the enormous and unthinkable compromise proposed by the Macedonians (the declaration would become a part of the Treaty) he immediately wanted for more to be made. We have no doubts in our minds that he has "more" in his sleeve only if such suicides were to be found on Macedonian side ready to agree on anything.

The only form of stable neighbourhood relations which the doctrines of nationalism in power in Bulgaria and in Greece, entirely excludes the Macedonian nation. Making such compromises, Macedonia not only makes itself a bad favour and its citizens, it makes a bad favour to the democracy in Bulgaria, Greece and in the Balkans, giving "de facto" support of destructive Balkan nationalism, reinforcing their positions and proving the feasibility of their shameful hopes. Overcoming nationalism of such kinds, not agreeing with them can lead to a real neighbourhood relationship.

Bulgaria and Macedonia haven't got common history, The Balkans do! If these needs to be underlined, on the celebrations should have been present other countries in the region as well. The common celebrations in the way that Bulgaria wants them to be performed have the intention to deny the Macedonian nation and very seriously will undermine the good relations between the two peoples as would cause suspicions and hatred.

Unfortunately one more time we are forced to conclude by what we witness that, rather being an example for the countries in the region with its democratic ways and implementing the human rights, Bulgaria still keeps many of its features from its dark totalitarian past and remains a producer of discriminative policies which it attempts to export and even turn as a condition for being a member of the European Union.

The Macedonians in Bulgaria of course cannot demand anything by the Republic of Bulgaria since they are not their official citizens and further more when they are discriminated and betrayed by the state to which they are citizens and to which they pay tax. Even so as Macedonians and as people we plead to the conscience, morals and humanity of the Macedonian politicians. If not as Macedonian, at least as people and democrats, please do not allow yourselves to become part in the discrimination and denial of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria! If not for us, please do it for yourselves!

We plead to the Bulgarian politicians - set free from the dark inheritance by Todor Zhivkov who succeeded in approving the denial of the Macedonian minority as an official doctrine! Remember the unconditional support which The Republic of Macedonia gave to Bulgaria on the path to its euro integration and give back the favor with dignity not using the situation to bribe your neighbor and to give to the good with bad! Give up on the policy of denial which makes impossible the normal living door by door to the two neighboring countries! We are Bulgarian citizens and you should defend our rights but not stopping others as well to do it!

We plead to the EU not to allow its member states to turn breaching of the human rights in a condition for becoming a new member of the European Union, to export the discrimination outside its borders. On the contrary, we plead to the Union of Europe to make sure that the Republic of Bulgaria faces reality and right to recognize the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and to stop turning its nationalistic complexes into a problem for its neighbors.


Pirin, 07.07.2014.

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