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Macedonians in Bulgaria are subject to discrimination and human rights abuses when asserting their ethnic Macedonian identity. In particular, members and supporters of OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN (political party and human rights organization) and OMO Ilinden (human and minority rights organization) face varying degrees of discrimination when participating in the activities listed below. Macedonians have been videotaped, harrassed, beaten, fined, and even imprisoned simply for taking part in these important Macedonian cultural events.

For more information please see the MHRMC's 2001 Annual Report - The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria

February - Blagoevgrad
Commemoration in honour of Macedonian hero Gotse Delchev's birthday

April - Sandanski
Anniversary of Macedonian revolutionary Yane Sandanski's death

May - Blagoevgrad
Anniversary of the killing of Macedonian hero Gotse Delchev

July/August - Petrich
Celebration of the Ilinden uprising of August 2, 1903

September - Blagoevgrad
Commemoration in honour of dead Macedonian soldiers of Vartolomey Night (massacre of Macedonians in Bulgaria in 1924)

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